December Board Meeting

  • Wednesday, December 13, 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • via ZOOM Video Conference Call


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Board Meeting Agenda

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December 13, 2023

I. Called to order by President Ashley Orndorff at  __________ a.m.

II. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation by ___________________.

III. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions (Ashley Orndorff)

IV. Approval of October 11, 2023 minutes

Motion to approve made by _____________ and seconded by _____________.

Motion carried.

V. Treasurer’s Report (Spence Price)

Beginning Balance as of 11.01.23:    $25,285.86

Ending Balance as of 11.30.23:          $25,250.13

VI. AOC Report (Jane Siling) 

  • 10.11.2023 - Pasco Emergency Communications (One on Ones - 2); Call-taker took a first party call of a victim of a home burglary in progress. Call-taker could hear the suspect in the background after hearing the victim speak to the suspect. The victim was a burglary/kidnapping victim. Call-taker processed calls but later began to hesitate on subsequent calls and then reached out for CISM assistance. [#548]
  • 10.18.2023 - Tampa Police Department (One on One - 1); On October 15, 2023, an officer responded to a child that fell from a 4th floor residence window. The child was admitted to the ICU and was pronounced brain dead on October 17th. [#549]
  • 10.26.2023 - Pasco Emergency Communications (One on One - 1); Call-taker took a call for a 7-week-old child who was having difficulty breathing. The child was screaming in the background of the call and had previous medical issues. At one point, the child was turning purple and stopped crying. The call-taker was on her 3rd night of training and experienced an emotional reaction to everything heard in the background. [#550]
  • 10.15.2023 - Tampa Fire Rescue (One on Ones - 6); A 3-year-old child fell out of a 4th floor window and succumbed to her life-threatening injuries. Also see IRF #549. [#551]
  • 10.29.2023 - Tampa Fire Rescue (One on Ones - 6); Mass casualty incident with multiple gunshot wound victims resulting in 2 fatalities. [#552]
  • 11.03.2023 - Tampa Police Department (Debriefing - 16); On October 29, 2023, a mass shooting incident near Centro Ybor in Tampa's Ybor City entertainment district. The incident resulted in two deaths (14-year-old and a 22-year-old) and at least 15 others being shot. There were no injuries to officers nor shots fired by police. Also, refer to IRF #552. [#553]
  • 11.03.2023 - Tampa Police Department (Debriefing - 14); On October 29, 2023, a mass shooting occurred resulting in 2 deaths and at least 15 others being shot. Also refer to IRFs #552, 553. [#554]
  • 10.29.2023 - Tampa Police Department (One on Ones - 7); Refer to IRF #552, #553 for details. [#555]
  • 11.11.2023 - Tampa Police Department (One on Ones - 2); On November 10, 2023, Tampa Police officers responded to a call reference a dead body wrapped in a blanket within a residence. Officers located one deceased individual and a second individual with serious injury. The scene was gruesome and the injured individual was identified as the homicide suspect. [#556]
  • 11.09.23 - Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (Defusing - 5); Hillsborough County deputies on scene of a mental health emergency were targeted and struck by suspect in his vehicle at a high rate of speed. Both deputies were injured and one was particularly gruesome. Units on scene described a chaotic scene due to injuries to deputies. [#557]
  • 11.09.2023 - Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (Defusing - 5); Woman was hit on the train tracks as she was lying in a black plastic bag. Woman was dragged by the train over 100 feet and her body was badly disfigured. Fire crew was very young and new and several members were upset at scene. [#558]

VII. Old Business

  • Peer & Clinical Reviews (Jane Siling)
  • Committee Update (Jane Siling)
Anticipated reviews for January 2024 General Meeting.

VIII. New Business

Proposed 2024 Meeting Dates:

Board Meeting Dates: all at 9:00am

February 14, 2024

April 10, 2024

June 12, 2024

August 14, 2024

October 9, 2024

December 11, 2024

General Meeting Dates:

January 10, 2024    9:00am

March 13, 2024       7:00pm

May 8, 2024             9:00am

July 10, 2024            7:00pm

September 11, 2024   9:00am (ZOOM)?

November 13, 2024   7:00pm


IX. Announcements

X. Meeting Adjourned:  __________a.m.

Motion to adjourn made by _____________ and seconded by ______________. Motion carried.

10.11.23 Board Minutes (ZOOM).pdf

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10.11.23 Board Attendance.pdf

12.13.23 Board Minutes (ZOOM).pdf

12.13.23 Board Attendance.pdf

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